Saturday, December 23, 2017

Q & A "What was the most difficult thing about your experiences?"

I get a lot of direct messages asking questions about what happened and how we dealt with everything.  I do my best to answer them all and have been very open in answering them.  The question in the post title came to me the other day.  It caused me to pause and really think.

I've labeled our experiences in stages.

Stage One-The Denial
Stage Two-The Haunting itself
Stage Three-The Identification & Actions To be Taken
Stage Four-The Recovery from the Emotional & Mental Toll
Stage Five- Empowerment

We are currently in Stage Four, recovery from the emotional & mental toll it took on all of us.  That is the most difficult thing about our experiences.

Noticed that I used "is".  That's because our wounds are still heeling.   The emotional & mental toll has been difficult to overcome.  Moving forward means one step forward and two steps back sometimes.  A lot of people think that once you rid your home or get control of the source of the attacking or haunting, life goes back to normal.   It doesn't.  We were a long way from normal and we still have a ways to go.

After our experiences, we became hypersensitive to things.  Thoughts would race through our minds, "was that something we should worry about?" "Is someone here that we can't identify?"  "What is that sound?"  "Is she back?".

We still are somewhat withdrawn as a family.  We don't do much outside our home and confine ourselves only to places we feel comfortable.  Recovery is a long road of looking over your shoulder to see if there is anything behind you.  It's not sleeping or waking up for no reason.  It's putting your faith in objects and practices in hopes that they speed your recovery.  It's talking to each other and supporting one another.

It's being strong for each other.

Gaining control of lives is a hard battle in over a 9 year war for us.  It's accepting who we are & our abilities.  Understanding how to control our environment in order to speed the healing process.

Educating ourselves is the key to recovering from the emotional & mental damage.  We're not there yet but we are getting closer.

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