Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Question From A Reader: "What do you think you have learned the most from your haunting."

We are starting to work our the aftermath blog entries; the things we did and experienced after the reveal.  We have been working hard on reclaiming our home by making it ours.  If you follow us on social media, you see what we've been doing.  These efforts have taken away from writing time but we're starting to get back to it so stay tuned!  

In the meantime, here's a question we got from a reader recently.

"What do you think you have learned the most from your haunting?"

Interesting questions and one I'm sure I've been asked but probably didn't answer completely or knew how to answer at that particular moment.

For me, the answer is an evolving one.  Not just that the answer is always gaining more substance; but I'm evolving.  

I was in complete denial when we started having issues.  I could not comprehend things beyond what I had already been taught.  I'm no longer that way.  I've gone from thinking, "that can't happen" to "that could happen."

I believe I've become more spiritual centered, calmer, and open to the possibility of anything.  I don't look at the human race as the final step in spiritual evolution.  I'm no longer that naive to think we are the center of everything and there's no other worlds beyond our own.  Thinking that way is laughable to me now.  People sometimes say to me, "Science hasn't proven the existence of that." My answer to them is "It's hasn't proven it doesn't exist either."   

Since I've become this way, I've been much more relaxed and things that use to bother me no longer do so.  I think it's because I am no longer confined to the conventional way of thinking and more to acceptance of the differences within my environment.

The thing that I can honesty say now is I'm no longer scared or freighted.  I've learned to identify what's a threat and what isn't.  Having that mentality allows me to take the necessary and appropriate action.

So, in a nutshell.  I'm open, centered, and calmer than I've ever been.  It's all thanks to our experiences and the understanding of them.

Thanks for the thought provoking question!

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trapped: Kevin Platte Guest Blogger

Hello all,

We are working on the aftermath of our reveal blog entry, so stayed tuned.  In the meantime this is the first installment in our guest blogger series.  This entry is written by Kevin Platte, a psychic medium based out of Washington DC.  You can follow Kevin on his Facebook page, Kevin Paul Psychic Medium and read his blog, Both Sides Of Evil.

Thank you all for your continue love and support.

Lance and Jennifer


I’m a psychic medium who investigates locations and then creates a plan to help clear and cleanse the space of unwanted residual and active (spirit) energies.  I do this work by using compassion and understanding first, then firmness if there is any resistance by the active spirit(s).  My philosophy is to communicate with the spirit(s) and understand their story and why they are still there.  Besides investigating, I also enjoy doing private readings and teaching others how to use their abilities.

A friend of mine, who I will call Joe, purchased a newly constructed house by a beautiful lake which he used as his weekend getaway.  Joe had confided in me that he had seen spirits in his new house for many years and that it made him feel uncomfortable.  He didn’t know why they were there or what they wanted.  Joe told me that he has seen spirits since he was young, and he didn’t really like seeing them, so he never engaged them.  To me this meant that Joe was a natural sensitive since he was able to see the dead; he is basically a clairvoyant medium.  Because of this, he is a “lighthouse” or magnet for the dead who are either wandering around lost or looking for a safe haven.  These spirits would be drawn to him and his abilities typically to seek help . . . but not always.

Joe invited me to his lake house one weekend in September 2017 and ask if I would investigate what was going on in his house.  I agreed to make an assessment without cleansing the house of spirits all in one visit since that would take a lot of time and energy.  I just wanted to understand the stories of the spirits and find out why they were there and then communicate that to Joe.  I was basically just going to observe, listen and then come up with a plan to “cleanse” the location at another time.  The rest of the weekend would be fun activities like going out on the lake in his boat with friends, swimming in his pool, hot tubbing, etc.

Joe’s house has 3 levels.  I asked Joe to tell me what he has experienced on each level.  Joe explained that he had seen a misty type of black mist on the ceiling and the wall a few times in the basement which is a beautiful entertainment area with a full bar.  On the main level of the house, he (and a few others) had seen a black man in overalls.  And on the 3rd or top floor, people had seen small blue lights at night in room.  Plus, the lights in that room would be turn on by themselves sometimes.
We arrived at his house on a Friday night and I knew that I needed to start the investigation that evening.  I felt the spirits wanted to tell their stories and I wanted to hear them.  I knew this would be an interesting “walk” so my plan was to start in the basement and work my way up to the top level.  Joe agreed to accompany me on this investigation to document what I was picking up.  Once I opened myself up to spirit communication, I was ready to begin.  Opening up for me means to quietly meditate to calm my energy which allows me to perceive and receive communication from spirit.

The Basement:
In the basement, I was able to pick up that the active energy was rather weak and timid.  I got that this spirit was a male and tied to the land in agriculture in some way.  I figured out that he liked to hide in the room with all the house electronics which was behind the bar.   This location allowed him to pull some amount of energy which he used to materialize as a black mist to Joe that one time.  He was so timid that I couldn’t really get his story.  I felt that he was either unable or unwilling to leave the basement for some reason.  I felt that this spirit was weak, harmless and a bit desperate.  Interestingly enough, I discovered more about him on the next level.  

The Main Floor:
On the main floor, I decided to sit down at the dining room table.  On that level, I knew the spirit of a black man in overalls had been seen a few times, so I invited him to tell me his story.   Immediately, I felt a presence or pressure on my left side like someone was leaning into me.  I immediately got that this spirit was from the early 1800s and had worked the land nearby.  He had been a slave.  I was talking out-loud while I was receiving this information so Joe was hearing it in real-time.  Quickly, Joe interrupted and ask me if I could get his name, and I immediately wrote down the name Jacob then said it out-loud.  It just popped into my head which for me means that I’m receiving the information directly from the source.   As soon as I had done that, then Joe exclaimed that was the same name he got when he and a few friends had used a Ouija board a few years back.  OK, I thought now we have confirmed the name, now let’s get the rest of the story.  I was glad to have confirmed his name, but I really wanted his story.  So, I pressed on.  I asked Jacob why he was there and I got that he was taking revenge. Then it all became clear to me.  Jacob somehow trapped his slave owner’s spirit in the basement and others on the top floor.  He was taking revenge and making them feel like prisoners. He was the warden and making others feel the way he felt when he was alive.  Jacob was a strong energy and patrolled the house and grounds.  Others had seen Jacob in and outside which means he is a very strong spirit.  This spirit was on a mission.  I thanked him and we moved on to the top floor.

The 2nd Floor:
After learning what was going on in the house, I was curious what was upstairs.  So slowly we went upstairs.  My impression was that the spirits were young, more than one and they were hiding because Jacob had also entrapped them.  I felt that these young spirits were the children of the slave owner in the basement.  What better way to punish someone then to punish their children as well?  These young spirits were smart and mischievous and were able to manipulate electricity by turning the lights on or off.  They were able to sneak around the house a little and were looking for help to get out of their entrapment. 

After the investigation, we returned to the main floor and I told Joe that to cleanse his house, all we had to do was convince Jacob to leave and the entrapped spirits would quickly leave as well.  They wouldn’t need any encouragement.  

Once I retired to my room, I wrote a few things down that I would reference on my next visit which would be to cleanse the house.  I constructed a few sentences that I would use to convince Jacob to stop being the warden.  I wrote as if I was counseling him.  I wrote that “forgiveness is very powerful, but it doesn’t mean that you would have to forget what happened”.  I also wrote an appeal that I would use . . .  “wouldn’t you rather be with your loved ones instead of being in this house keeping these spirits in your prison?”  I finally wrote “that you have made your point and that those spirits now understand what suffering really is.”

After my analysis and writing, I went to bed only to wake up in the middle of the night by the young spirits that had made their way down to my room and entered my dream state to send me a message.  While I was asleep and dreaming, they were trying to use my vocal cords to tell me something.  In my dream, I remember asking some person in the room if they could understand what was coming through my voice since I couldn’t make it out. This person said they absolutely could understand but he didn’t tell me what it was.  Needless to say, I woke up in a pitch-dark room wondering what had just happened.  It took me a few minutes to gather my senses, figure out what had just happened and then try to go back to sleep.  This hadn’t happened before.  I couldn’t figure out what message they were trying to send me. 

The next day, Joe showed me around this new vacation housing development that he lived in, and close by his house, we came upon a small area that had recently had a nice rustic wooden fence installed.  No surprise . . . it was a slave cemetery with natural stones used as markers laid to mark where the head and the feet of the body were placed in the ground.  There were 20 or so adult and children sized plots.  I told Joe that Jacob and his family were buried there.

The rest of the weekend was visiting with friends and enjoying the weekend.  Many months later as I planned a return to do the cleansing, Joe told me that since my investigation, he nor any of his other friends who are somewhat sensitive to these energies haven’t seen or felt anything.  Then it dawned on me.  The time after my investigation in the bedroom of Joe’s house, I spent some quiet time writing down and thinking about my plans and approach to cleansing the house and how I would counsel Jacob to convince him to leave.  Unknown to me at that time, that process was indeed an unintentional cleansing moment.  

As I look back upon it, of course Jacob was present since he basically patrolled that house and he therefore had heard my thoughts and understood my intentions.  He decided that yes, he would prefer to be with his loved ones and that he was ready to move on.  I also think I understand that the message those young spirits were trying to give me during my dream state was perhaps a big “thank you”.  Once Jacob decided to leave that night, they were free to move on as well.  The house is now quiet, and I encouraged Joe to seal his house and property so that no other spirits wander by and try to take up residence.

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Want to be a guest blogger?

Would you like to be a guest blogger?   We are looking for 2 readers who would like to be just that!

The requirements are simple.

-You can remain anonymous or use your real name.
-Your entry must be paranormal in nature
-I can be an opt end piece and doesn't require you have any paranormal experiences.
-You can write about The Dead Files
-Maybe your on a paranormal team and would like to talk about an investigation or maybe even paranormal team ethics.
-Your entry is subject to review.

If you like to be a guest writer just email us at mismastejasranch@gmail.com

We will be choosing the 2 guest bloggers on 6/6/2018


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Question From A Reader: "Will you ever name the paranormal team that investigated?"

We are working on the aftermath entries following our reveal and hope to have them up soon.  In the meantime here's a recent question we got.  We have gotten this question quite a bit but I don't think we truly ever answered it fully.

"Will you ever name the paranormal team that investigated?"

The short answer is, no we probably won't and that's how we've answered the question in the past.  That answer usually leads to follow up questions such as, "you should so that they don't do this again".  From the outside looking in, that appears be true since our mission is to help others who are experiencing issues.

However, I don't think calling a team out by name would achieve our goal.  The purpose in sharing our story is not to single any group or individual by name regardless of how upset we are with them.  The purpose is to help others by giving them strength to overcome what is happening to them.  We encourage them to seek out help.  Hopefully, based on our experience with a paranormal team,  they will do their due diligence on anyone they bring in to help them. That's the message we want to send.

I am aware that one of a former team member has attacked us publicly in a TDF group.  I have no beef with him or the the team other then how they acted and conducted themselves while here.   If he chooses to attack us, that's his problem.  He has to live that self created negativity.

The only thing I would say to him right now would be to look in the mirror.  The next time someone begs you for help as we did before, during, and especially after your investigation, do your best to honor your creed and help them.  Give them answers, provide guidance, and by all means have the courtesy to respond to their pleas after you've finished your investigation.

Believe me there are so many times I would like to publish the team's name and it's members because I am so angry at what they did but I remain committed to not doing that.  I feel that would just bring in negativity back into our lives as well as create a "he said, she said" situation.  Also, publicly naming them would be counter productive to our goal.

Generating positive energy in our lives and surrounding ourselves with people who help us achieve that balance one of the many keys to protecting ourselves.   That former team member doesn't meet that criteria.

In closing, all I want to say to the former team member is stop talking about me behind my back and stop harassing me on social media (directly and indirectly).  We gave the producers your team's name and your leader choose not to cooperate with the production company.  He didn't want to provide any evidence or talk about it.  As a matter of fact, he said that everything they collected that night was deleted.  He had his chance.

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

We've made it easier to submit questions too!  Just Fill out the "Contact Us" Form on upper right.

If your question is for one of us in particular, please say who it's directed to.   Also, we won't publish your name unless you specifically ask us to do so.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Reveal-Part Four

After about nearly 45 minutes, we finally collected ourselves and went back to the reveal.  We were still in shock about everything we heard and were emotionally drained.  When you hear the things we we heard that night, you start second guessing everything you've done up to this point.  Many things were discussed in our reveal.  Things that not only provided answers for us but also allowed Amy to connect all the dots regarding our experiences.

We talked about nearly everything we had experienced over the past 8 years.  It was like a horrifying confession of things we never talked about with others due to the fear of being judged and ridiculed.

While emotional exposing ourselves during the reveal, we discussed how our physical and mental health had declined.  Amy told us that was what the crazy woman wanted to do.  

"She's feed off of all of you, slowly torturing ya'll and is really going after Heidi", Amy said to us.  "She will not rest until she has done everything she can do to break you all apart."

Amy asked us how much we knew about our home.  We mentioned that it sat vacant for over 6 months while it was on the market.  However, we never thought anything of that because we were buying during the real estate crash.  Given that, along with the age of the house, we never considered any issues the house may have.  Plus, paranormal activity never crossed our minds.  

When things started happening, we talked to the previous owners and they told us they never had any issues.   Amy found this disturbing because even if someone wasn't a sensitive they would feel the effects.  Amy felt that they may have experienced things but dismissed them as natural occurrences; something easily explained.  That denial just made things stronger and more powerful.

Because there were so many issues we experienced, it became hard to articulate them all to Amy as we felt as if we were rambling.  The sleep writing and sleep walking by me, she attributed to the dead trying to communicate thru me or control me.  She said there is so much residual energy that it would make it very difficult for anyone to feel totally comfortable here.

The land held a majority of the issues.  Too many negative and violent ties to it.  Suicide of the crazy woman, ties to a ruthless guerrilla gang, raid by soldiers, the path of dead, Native Americans, and just the general violence of the area.

After we had poured out of heart and soul to Amy, Steve said, "You guys okay?"  We nodded as he told us Amy was about to tell us if we could continue to live in our home or if we had to leave.  It was the moment of truth.  Given everything that we had been told and talked about, our hopes of staying were not high.

Amy begins by telling us that we are all sensitives and each of us has something just a little different.  Normally she would tell someone they needed to leave but told us due to our abilities we would have issues regardless of where we lived.  These abilities are like a buffet to the dead as they are drawn to us.  The path of dead had always probably been here and when we moved in those in the path naturally gravitated toward us.  Understanding and learning to control our abilities would be the key to peace.  She recommended protection stones, family strength, and working with a Reiki.  Everything would be a trial and error situation for us but protecting ourselves, our home, and our surroundings would be something that would be continuing and ongoing for us.

All the sudden everything from my past made sense.  I told Amy about the experiences I had as a child and young adult. (See This Question and Answer Blog Entry).  She nodded and said those are what sensitives experience.   The puzzle was finally coming together.

Amy then begins to talk about all the residual energy on the property.  She said it was everywhere; the house, barn, land, the garage.  So many people had ties to the property or traveled through it that all this residual is natural and our sensitivities turned it into a hectic and exhausting environment for us.  She told us we needed a psychic to cleanse the house.  However before that could be done, we must clean the house with hot salt water, cleaning every surface possible.  The psychic will then do a cleansing of the house, land, barn, and garage.   The psychic would then teach us how to do a proper cleansing and we will need to do a general cleansing once a month, forever, due to our abilities.   We would as need to learn about protections and things we must do on a daily basis to keep our home calm and safe.

Page One of Amy's Notes
"Now, first let's deal with this guy," as she points to     the sketch of the hat man.  She tells us that he only     thinks he's trapped in the house but that's not the case    as he can leave anytime he wants.  He likes being on    the land as he sees it as simple reflection.   "So, a     male medium, who is kind of a tough guy, and I think     it may need to be an older guy, will come in and lead   him outside."  She continue to tell us that he will go   willing but the medium needs to be firm and assertive   when telling him.  Once he's outside, he will be   banned from the property but we could allow him to   roam the land.  "However be sure that he understand   he is banned from the house, barn, and garage."

 "Second thing is the deceased woman.  The first step that needs to be done is through a Reiki Master who needs to sever the attachment between Heidi and the deceased woman."  Amy further tells us this will be very difficult and may become volatile.  Doing this will take a lot out of Heidi as the dead woman will draw all the energy she can from her just to hold the attachment.  I remember Jennifer taking a deep trembling sigh as we hear this.   The thought of putting Heidi through something like this was unfathomable.  I felt the fear in Jennifer's hand as I squeezed it tightly.

"Once that is accomplished, the male medium needs to step in...and force her out"  We will need to us the same male medium as he will be strong enough to do this.  Amy warns us this will probably become volatile because she's "probably not going to really want to go."  However, the male medium should be able to accomplish this if he is strong and demands her to leave.  He should say, "NO ONE WANTS OR NEEDS YOU HERE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS HOUSE!"

The emotion of what we are hearing is overwhelming however we manage to hold it together.  Amy then talks about what all the experiences meant and provided us with some closure in the form of warnings.   "All these things that have happened serves as a warning that you must understand your abilities and how to deal with them; control them."  She guides us through steps of what we must do, individually and as a family.  She said these experiences has lead to all of us having PTSD.  Because of this, our family as a whole should start counseling.  She told us that psychotherapist for this would be best as they are more open to the idea of paranormal issues.  Amy encouraged us to be open about what happened to help us get over everything that has occurred.

Page Two of Amy's Notes
"As for your daughter, Heidi, these experiences are a huge warning"  Amy strongly tells us.

"She has PK abilities.  
People with this type of ability are able to effect their physical environment."  Amy adds.

Amy tells us more about Heidi's PK abilities.  She's able to control her physical surroundings with just her thoughts.  The problem is
that Heidi doesn't realize she has this ability.  Because of this, she may unintentionally target anyone who she feels poses a threat or someone who makes her angry. This could be a very dangerous situation.
Her failure to control her PK will cause a poltergeist to grow.

Amy tell us, "Heidi will need individual counseling to help her understand her abilities but also because I believe 
that she's suffered some sort of abuse."  

In addition to Heidi taking counseling, she will need to take up Yoga and work with a Reiki Master if possible.  She needs task, something to release all of her energy in a proper manner.

Page Three of Amy's Notes
"All of you have a difficult road ahead of you.  It will take a lot of work to get through this in order for you to lead peaceful lives."  Amy tells us in closing.

Digesting all this takes us a few minutes.  We are exhausted and emotionally drained.  My head was spinning from everything we heard.  I honestly thought our issues wouldn't be as bad as they turned out to be.

"You both looked like you've been hit with a Mack Truck, " Steve said.

Steve looked at Amy and asked her if we did everything that she is telling us to do, would things change for us in the house.

Amy nodded her head and said, "Yes,  I think the illness will subside greatly. I think that Heidi, in particular, will become much more focused..."

Steve looked at us and asked, "So I'll ask you straight out, you going to do what she says?"

I didn't hesitate in my answer, "Absolutely...I will do whatever I have to do to protect my kids.  I have to protect my family."

The next stage of our saga was just beginning but I didn't realize how all hard and terrifying it was going to be.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Reveal-Part Three

Note:  This blog entry deals with some very sensitive issues that were not aired on our episode. It has taken a long time for us to heal from what we learned.  The emotional toll it took on us and the details leading up to Jennifer's breakdown are in this entry.

My hope that the Hat Man was our only issue were dashed when Amy said, "Yea, I did" after Steve asked her if she saw anything else.

I will never forget the look on Amy's face when she said that.  I knew by the tone of her voice and her expression, that we were about to hear something very horrifying and troubling.  I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach, my heart was racing, and my knees began to shake a little.  I thought, "Oh God, this doesn't sound good."

I also felt that the reveal was beginning to wear on Jennifer.  She was already upset over hearing that the paranormal team may had done a blotched cleansing, but hearing everything about the Hat Man nearly sent her over the edge.  I was really worried about how she would handle what we were about to hear.  One thing that everyone should know about my wife is that her love for our family runs deeper than anything in the world.  She can't stand to see any of us suffering and she'll do anything to ease the pain. She is, without question, the most amazing person I know.

"The next person is a female and to me she's a big problem." Amy said.  As soon as she said that I knew she was talking about the screaming crazy woman.  I remember reaching under the table and grabbing Jennifer's hand, squeezing it tightly as we were both beginning to tremble.

I knew what we were about to hear wasn't going to be good.  Amy told us, "...She effects the living in many different ways...she'll take the energy from the living to feed her own energy to keep herself up." All the sudden we realized that all the fatigue, depression, health issues, and lack of self-motivation was caused by the crazy screaming woman.  Amy listened to all the health issues that we've had since we've lived here.  There were times that everyone one of us were sick for days on end and the doctors couldn't figure out why.  Jennifer talked specifically how her health had deteriorated since moving here.  She told Amy how she was in great health, but since living here she's had vitamin D issues, gallbladder removed, depression, fatigue, and stomach issues.  I could hear Jennifer's voice tremble as she began to realize that all her issues were because of the crazy woman's attacks.  .

Steve then begins to tell Amy about the video that I shot in the kitchen of the drawer. (Click here to see the full Video in blog entry, "The Storm Intensifies.")

After watching it, Amy looks at us and asked, "Have you had physical phenomenon going on prior to the other experiences?"

I told Amy about the time the butcher knife flew off the counter and caught me across the arm.  I told her the cut was so deep that I probably should have gotten stitches but was hesitate to do so because I'd have to explain how I got the cut where I did.  I showed Amy the scar from the cut.  Steve then showed Amy the picture that Jennifer took shortly after it happened.

"Dammmnnnn, that would be more of a poltergeist phenomenon than a deceased individual" said Amy.

I could immediately feel Jennifer sink in her chair after hearing that.  I knew she was really starting to have a difficult time holding it together with everything we were hearing.  I put my hand on her knee and could feel her trembling.

Jennifer after hearing about the poltergeist phenomenon.

Steve asked Amy if she got anything on the crazy woman in life.  All Amy could say was that she felt the woman died fairly recently.  Jennifer began to tell Amy about a family friend who recently passed away. Steve showed Amy the picture and asked if the woman was her.

"No, but she's here right now trying to warn you about this other woman." Amy said as she looked at the picture.

Steve then told us about Etta (Davis) Peters.  Etta died on the property in the early 1900's.  Her death was a mystery as no death certificate or record of her death exists other than a brief obituary.  He showed us a 4 or 5 line obituary for her.

Steve asked Amy if Etta could be the woman in the house.

"Yea, I think she is." Amy answered.

I did some research and found that Etta is buried at Providence Church Graveyard which is about 3 miles from our house

Amy then tells us about the dead people that are standing behind Jennifer.  She looked at Jennifer, and said, "There are seven dead people behind you.  They're all trying to warn about about someone who is hurting one of your girls.  They're saying that a living person is molesting the girl who sleeps in the back bedroom."   Amy said they're frantic about it and are trying to protect her from this person but can't.

"Who?  Who's doing this!?!  Do they know who it is?"  I angrily asked Amy. 

"It's someone she knows and they're taking advantage of her trust but they don't know who the person is."  Amy tell us.

Naturally since Heidi is in the back bedroom we think it's her.  My mind starts to run wild.  I think of about all the people she comes into contact with at school and at her gymnastics practices.  A picture of every person starts going through my mind.  It's like a slide show; a photo line up.  The pictures were moving so fast that I had trouble concentrating on what Amy was saying.

I immediately feel like a failure as a husband, father, and protector.  Someone is hurting my child and I want blood.  I want to beat them with my bare hands and leave them for dead.  I want them to suffer.

Amy begins to tell us all the things the crazy woman can do.  She first goes after us physically and then goes after you mentally.  Slowing sucking all the energy and sanity out of us until we're nothing but a useless shell.  After she's drained that person of everything they have, she'll  move onto the next person.  You would build yourself back up then she'll come back and do it all over again.  It was a never-ending vicious cycle.  She'd nearly kill us but leave enough life left in us for the next round.

As soon as Amy said, "She's kind of fixated on the man of the house", I knew exactly what she was talking about.  I knew deep down that the crazy woman was like this but I just didn't want to accept it.  I thought I had stopped her from being obsession with me but I didn't realize that she was "extremely jealous of anyone who gets his attention" as Amy said. 

Jennifer looked at Amy, "So everybody here."

Amy shakes her head and says, "yea and when that happens she tries to lash out, violently."

It was scary to think that someone was so fascinated with me that they wanted to hurt my family.  How do I stop someone such as her? She so obsessed with me and I can't do anything.  Restraining orders don't work on the dead.  Why was she fascinated with me, it's not like I'm the greatest looking guy.  I guess it was because I was the only guy around. As I had mentioned in the blog before, I knew she was like this but I didn't realize it was an obsession.  This was a nightmare, like a paranormal fatal attraction.

Amy told us what she saw in the back bedroom, something very disturbing took place there.  She said she did have it sketched.

Steve opened the envelope and pulled the sketch out.  All he said was, "Sorry" as he put it down in front us.

I overcome with emotion.  I couldn't really speak as so many thoughts ran through my mind.  Angry, failure, fear, and anxiety all rushed through me like a fright train as I struggled to hold it together.

Jennifer leans forward and says,  "And this is is in the back bedroom."

"Yes", Amy replied.

The sketch of what Amy saw in the back bedroom.

"That's Heidi's room", Steve said.  "Why's she going after her?"

Amy pointed to Heidi in the picture and tells us that she feels that Heidi is a PK (Psychokinesis) Agent and that to a dead person is "like the fucking Energizer Bunny."  Amy continues to tell us all the things that Heidi is capable of doing as a PK Agent.  However, Heidi is not aware of her abilities but she does knows she's different.  She doesn't realize how or why she's different and certainly doesn't understand how to control her abilities.

Amy told us more of why the crazy woman was going after our daughter.  "...and she's jealous of her! She kind of wants her out of the way." 

"Out of the way in what manner?"  Steve asked Amy.

Then Amy said to us the last thing that any parent wants to hear, "like get rid of her.  Like if she died she would be ecstatic."

Everything we heard was overwhelming.  I was angry and scared; I was ready to fight.  My family was in danger and I had to do something.

The toll this took on Jennifer was too much.  She finally reached her breaking point.  "I feel horrible.  My heart hurts."  she said after hearing everything.

All we could do was hold each other.  Try to collect ourselves and regroup.  We lean on each other anytime we hit a rough patch in our lives.  Being there for one another and gaining strength from each other is how we coup.  It's how we survive.

We had to stop filming as Jennifer started to hyperventilate.   She was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.  Emotions were pouring out of her.  Seeing her like this was heartbreaking, all I could do was just hold her and ensure her everything would be okay.  We would get through this.  We took Jennifer outside to on the back porch.  I practically had to carry her because she was so distraught.  As I walked her outside, I could see some of the crews eyes watering up.  The emotions of what just happened effected everyone.

Steve was absolutely amazing.  It seemed as if his police training kicked in as he treated her like a victim.  He knew exactly what to say to her.  Without his help I don't think we could have continued with the reveal.

We finally collected ourselves and told the producers we're ready to continue.

Now we know what had been torturing us for nearly 8 long years.  We told each other if Amy told us to leave, we were leaving that night.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Reveal-Part Two

Amy said when she first got here, she came inside through the back and she could feel the presence of others as soon as she entered the mud room.  She walked through the house to get a feel of it and then straight through the front door.  As she was standing on the front porch, she could see a line of dead people walking back and forth in front of our house. She said there were hundreds of them.  While she's there, two black figures (not sure if she said shadow figures) just charged at her.  They were angry, aggressive, and wanted to hurt her.  They didn't want to necessarily be in the house but they did want to be on the property.  The figures were solid and very physical.  She said if someone were to get in their way, they could get hurt because these figures were quite capable of doing so.  Amy felt that they had some sort ties to the property; like a claim on it.  There had been times that we would hear tapping on our front windows and the storm door on the front door would shake.  She said that was them either trying to draw us out or  they wanted inside.

I mentioned to Amy that once I saw a man slowly walking, dragging a rifle by the barrel.  He was wearing a uniform of some sort.  Amy asked if I could tell what kind of uniform.  I told her it was a civil war era uniform but I couldn't tell if it was Union or Confederate.  She said that was interesting because she felt the figures who charged her had some sort of connection to the Civil War.

Amy said that when she went into the barn and looked out into the back pasture, she saw a man walking.  As he walked, he changed into different stages of his life until he finally got to the stage of his passing.  She said he died in the house of some sort of breathing problem and that the energy she saw was just residual.

Amy then told us about her time in the house.  As she walked inside she encountered a male who was very tall and wearing a cowboy hat.  She felt he was from the Western times.  Amy got the sense that he had done some terrible things in his life; murder, robbery, setting fires.  He was very aggressive and physical.  He didn't die on the property but had some sort of ties to our land, either directly or indirectly.  He was "pissed" because he felt that someone in the house, a living person, trapped him here.  He would stand in the back corner of the open bedroom where Jennifer and I slept.  He was trying to figure a way to get revenge on the person who he felt trapped him.  Amy told us he was watching us sleep and at times we could see him as some sort of shadow figure.  She also said that being in the room would be uncomfortable.

Steve told Amy that we had issues in that room and we shared with her the things that had happened to us.   Jennifer said the room made each of us uncomfortable and that one time we saw a shadow figure walk through the room.  She also told Amy that she would wake up with bruises on her upper arm, like someone was grabbing her and trying to drag her out of bed.  Jennifer also shared that one time someone picked her legs up by the ankles and violently slammed them down on the bed.  I told Amy that I had felt someone grab my ankles and pull me down off the end of the bed by about two feet.  I even told her about the time I heard the boot steps walk from the back of the house, past the open bedroom and into the living room.  Steve asked Amy if the guy could do that, and her response was "Yes...and it's going to get much worse."

Steve asked us to share with Amy about the time we brought in the paranormal team for help (see blog post "We Work With The Dead Files & We're Here to Help...Well Sort of."I will never forget the look on Amy's face as we told her about that experience and how we made the team cleanse our house.  She said they may have done a blotched cleansing that is what he feels trapped him.

She tells us she had a sketch done of the guy and when we saw it, I was shocked to see the same guy I saw on our property once before.  I immediately start talking about our horse we had to put down and that one evening I saw the same guy from the sketch standing next to where we buried her.  As I approached him, he said, "just paying my respects." and he walked through the fence and faded away.  Amy asked me if I could tell what he was wearing because she just saw him wearing some kind of robe; like a church choir robe.  I said that I thought it was a western style decorative poncho.

The Sketch of the Hat Man

This poncho is similar to the one I saw the Hat Man wearing.
Steve spoke about a man named William Wade who once owned the property.  His brother, David Wade, and two nephews, Newton and Samuel, served with the Quantrill's Raiders.  They were specifically in William "Bloody Bill" Anderson's unit.   We all looked on as Steve showed the pictures of the Wades' and a couple of Bloody Bill.  He describes the things that Anderson did and how he was killed.  He also told us that David survived the war but Newton and Samuel were both killed in action.  All of these men had likely stayed on our property as Clay County, MO was very supportive of Quantrill and his men.

Steve asked Amy is anyone in the picture looks familiar.  She pointed to David Wade and said the only one that sticks out is "this dude. But it could have been him", she said as she pointed to the picture of Anderson.  She also said that the two black figures that charged her could have been the other two (Newton and Samuel) but she couldn't say for certain.

Steve asks me to tell Amy about what happened to me when the paranormal team was here.  I told her about they called out to the dead.  I remember the shock on her face as she said, "You never command the dead, you only use that when you're commanding them to leave."  I told her about how I was picked up and thrown into the wall.

Steve asked Amy, "Is this something this guy could do?"

"Yes...that's something someone like this would do, torture and if he traps you somewhere else it will be worse than that."

So now we have a ruthless western era outlaw, David Wade or Bill Anderson, in our house. The feeling of helplessness rushes over me because I felt that even if I could see this guy, I couldn't take him.

I could tell that Jennifer was starting to get upset as she heard the news that the paranormal team might have trapped a sadistic manic in our home.  It felt like having a wild animal locked inside with us and it was capable of killing any of us at the drop of a hat.

Jennifer and I were already starting to feel emotionally drained.  We didn't expect to hear that someone who was so terrible in life was in our home with our girls.  I was scared before but now I was petrified. How was I going to protect my family?  How could I beat this thing?

I had hope that we had heard the worse but when Steve asked Amy, "I'm afraid to ask if you saw anything else, but did ya?"

I knew by the tone of how she said, "yea, I did." That we were about to hear something far more frightening and worse.

It would be something neither of us were prepared for or wanted to hear.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Reveal: Part One

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the Reveal, I wanted to say some final words regarding what happened last week between Kerry Fitzpatrick, the Admin of a Dead Files Discussion Group, and myself.  I am still appalled that an admin of a group supporting the show would act in the manner he did.  I was even more disturbed that he felt it necessary to drag my kids into the argument.  After he crossed that line, I was afraid he would do so again and decided to shut myself down.  It had been a stressful couple of weeks and Kerry's attack on my family's character was the final straw.  I put a lot of thought into everything and started to question whether or not the blog was helping.  After some soul searching I felt it was time to shut it down.  I truly thought the blog would fade away without a lot of notice, however I wasn't prepared for the response from so many of you.  It was humbling to see how many people cared.  Some of the private messages brought me to tears as people explained how us sharing our story gave them hope as well as the courage to speak up and get help.  That was the mission in sharing our story in the first place, helping those suffering in silence.

Amy Allan even chimed in and along with her encouragement and support, along with all of you, we decided to continue the blog.

Helping others is the mission and Kerry's comments or opinions should have no baring on that goal.  If he wants to be lower than whale crap on the ocean floor, that's his choice.  I will not let him steal hope.

I'm back in the saddle...our story continues.

The Reveal-Part One

The Reveal was scheduled for the evening and our day was filled with anxiety of what was to come.  Jennifer and I discussed one last time what we would do if Amy told us we needed to leave.  We remained true to our initial decision that we would leave as quickly as possible; that night if necessary.

The producers were trying to decide the best location to film it.  Since they wanted to film from several different angles, it meant multiple set ups. They also wanted the cameramen kind of in the shadows as not to distract Amy.  Additionally, they wanted us sitting across from each other.  Our house is small and would make shooting this way difficult.  We would have to move furniture if we used the living room and there wouldn't be enough space for the crew.  We couldn't use the dining room because it was too small and our table is round.  Outside wouldn't work either because of yapping coyotes and noisy frogs.  The idea of using the garage was thrown out.  It was a perfect idea.  Our garage is huge.  It's built to hold farm equipment, big trucks, and trailers.   I actually think you can see a tractor in the background behind me.  You can literally get 6 mid-size cars in it. .

While the crew was setting up, we were in one of the back bedrooms.  Our producer  was telling us how the reveal was going to go.  It was simple, Steve would start by introducing us and then Amy would talk about her walk.  I recall him saying that some of the things you could hear might be upsetting.  He told us that once Amy arrives, no one on the crew will talk to her unless it's very simple and short instructions.  We wouldn't meet Amy until we started and when we walk into the garage, we were advised not to speak to her unless she spoke to us first.  The reason for all this isn't for effect, it's a way to keep herself focused.  She has to be able to read us and everything surrounding us and the slightest shift could break her concentration.   The last thing he told us was that once they start filming, they won't stop unless it's absolutely necessary.  They will just let Amy talk and the reveal will flow at it's own pace.  They don't want to distract Amy's focus in any way.

We were very nervous when we headed for the garage.  The anxiety was a little overwhelming as Jennifer and I stopped, looked at each other, and she said, "This is it."  We kissed and stepped through the door into the garage.

Despite the amount of people in there, it was dead silence.  Amy's back was to us as we walked toward the table.  We both took our seats and Amy sightly smiled and looked as us.  It was a look I had never seen before, it truly felt she was looking into my soul.  It was sort of uncomfortable but calming in a way too.  Her eyes are just amazingly stunning and she is even more beautiful in person than on TV.   Jennifer and I knew that we were in the presence of someone with a gift, an individual who had an amazing ability to see what others couldn't.  It was like being in the presence of a Greek Goddess sent from Mt. Olympus and we were granted an audience.

We sat there for what felt like an eternity as we watched Amy taking notes at a feverish pace.  She would only pause long enough to look up at as us.  The executive producers checked with the crew to make sure everyone was in place and ready.


"Sound ready."


"Lighting ready."


"Cameras ready."

"Lance, Jennifer?"

"We're good."

"Steve, Amy?"

"I'm ready", Steve replied and Amy replied with a quick nod.

The seriousness of everyone made it more evident that this was the real deal.  No smoke, no mirrors, no theatrics.  All bets were off and anything could happened was the feeling I had.

Finally, the producers gave the good to go signal and we were off.   Steve started off just as you see on TV.  He told a little about us and showed Amy picture of all of us.  I remember him saying something like, "Now Amy, either Lance and Jennifer are puttin' one over on us or they got some serious problems"  I remember thinking to myself, "what if she didn't see anything?  What if this was just some sort mental defect we all had, what if we're all really crazy."  I mean, how can you explain all the things that happened to us over the past 8 years.  It was like Steve said, "..it's out there."  It is and I ,myself, had the hardest time coming to grips with all that happened.

Amy was taking notes at even a more furious pace as she listened to Steve.  When she looked at the picture of all of us, it was like she was looking into the minds of all of us, getting to know us from the inside out.   My feeling was that if you are in a room with Amy and she is zoned in 100%,  you have no secrets.

Steve turned over to Amy to tell us about her walk.  This was it, the moment we're either confirmed crazy or validated.  I held Jennifer's hand under the table as she began to speak.

As much as we thought we were prepared for what we were going to hear, we weren't...not even close.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Last Blog Post & Response to Kerry Fitzpatrick

A couple of days ago, I was kicked out of a Dead Files Discussion group.  I was surprised because I wasn't sure why.  The Admin, Kerry Fitzpatrick, of The Dead Files Discussion Group didn't respond to my message on Facebook as to why I was deleted.

I waited a couple of days and then decided I would post something publicly in hopes of finding out why.  I was shocked at what I found out.

A Facebook friend found this on the page.

Kerry never contacted me prior to deleting me nor did he keep me in the group long enough for me to see this post.  I cannot understand why he would publicly call me out.  Why didn't he just reach out to me and tell what was wrong.

I'm going to honest, that pissed me off and I wanted to set the record straight so I responded to the Facebook friend and asked if anyone who was part of the group to post it.  I sent him a PM prior to requesting it too and got no response.

My Response to Kerry

A Facebook friend posted it.  It was quickly deleted and he was banned from the group.   I wasn't surprised but was shocked that he didn't even respond to that.

I want to set the record straight once more.

1.  The blog was idea from a friend.  Since we kept getting questions wanting more of our story, he suggested we write a book or a blog.  It seemed like a great idea and something that was easy to do.

2. The purpose the blog is to share our story and give others the strength to come forward and get the help they need.

3.  We have not profited in anyway from the blog.  The advertising on the blog earns pennies.  All that money is donated to charity and it's not a big donation.

4.  We have been offered a lot of money for the rights to our story.  $500,000 as a matter of fact.  We turned it down because that's not the purpose of sharing our story.  We felt that accepting that would dilute the mission of our blog-helping and supporting others.  We have also turned down paranormal teams who wanted to pay us, as well as individual groups who wanted to have Halloween parties on our ranch.  So if we wanted to profit from our experiences we could have easily done so, the fact that we didn't makes Kerry's comments invalid.

5.  Sharing our story has helped us heal and recovery.  We still have 2 children in therapy over this and the therapist has encouraged us to openly talk about what happened.

6.  I wish Kerry would have gotten his facts straight before shooting off his mouth.  

7.  We have been very open about our experiences and have done our best to answer every single question.

8.  The blog is about the show and has always been supportive of the show.  Amy Allan has even retweeted some of the blog entries.  

A couple of other Facebook friends confronted Kerry.  Their post were deleted and they were blocked.

Post questioning Kerry.
Additional Post
After deleting them, Kerry sent the message below to Cynthia

I'm not sure how many more times I have to say this but since Kerry is unable to comprehend my messages or my post accurately, I'll say it again.  We do not profit off our blog! 

I want to respond to a few others of his comments.

1.  The other admin reached out to me directly and we discussed it.  I respected his decision and didn't post any further links.  Kerry just deleted me and then made a public post calling me out.  Kerry didn't have the decency or courage to reach out to me directly.

2.  I don't have the time to set up a fake profile account.  If I got something to say to you, I'll say to you and there is no question it's coming from me.  His claim here is nonsense and insulting.  He's basing his claim off things he cannot see and frankly he is thinking too much of himself.

3.  How dare he say what he said about my children and how dare he assumed that I'm doing that.  My response to Kerry, is screw you.

4.  Steve was skeptical but Amy confirmed everything.   E V E R Y T H I N G!  My wife had a breakdown for crying out loud.

5.  Kerry's discussion group is for like minded people only if they support his views and opinions.

6 I was active on his page, answering questions, giving my opinions, etc.  Kerry just deleted them and he's even admitted he's done that.

7. Again, why didn't Kerry just reach out to me directly?

This has worn on me and caused me to think about the blog.  I feel that Kerry's actions not only plants doubts in the mind of others, singles out my children, and questions not only my credibility but the credibility of the show.   I sent Kerry one last message with my phone number asking him to give me a call, my phone hasn't rung.  Someone as cowardly as Kerry will never have the balls to call me...never.

We had to deal with a lot of non-believers but for an admin of a Dead Files discussion group to do this is too much. It was a slap in the face and rehashed too many negative memories about how we were treated when we told others and how we tried to get help but no one helped.

Therefore I've decided this will be the last entry in our story and I have plans to delete the blog in 30 days.  We will no longer discuss our experiences publicly or answer any other questions.  We will go back into seclusion as we did when were experiencing everything.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us.  Your kind words have helped us through some difficult times.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The Waiting...

We had the day off from filming so we spent the day at home just trying to catch up with life.  Our producer had already given us the schedule for The Reveal.  It going to be filmed the next day, Thursday night.

To say we were anxious about the Reveal would of been an understatement.  We're excited to hear the outcome but also scared as to what would find out.  Jennifer and I talked about the possibility of being told our only solution would be to move.  We talked it over with the girls and decided if that's the only thing we could do, then we would leave that night.

Unlike several of the other clients who had been told to leave but couldn't do so because of financial reasons, we were lucky enough to have built enough equity in our home to make moving a little easier.  The only problem would be finding a place that was similar enough to support our ranching operations.  After a quick look on the internet, we thankfully found enough places that we could relocate to if it came down to that.

We still had all the dogs at my mother's house and needed to keep them there until after the reveal.  So, even though we were at home, we didn't plan on staying too long.  Just long enough to grab a few things and look around.  It was amazing for us to see that Matt and the crew had put everything back in it's place.  The only evidence that they were even there was some left behind tape over certain logos and some tape on the walls where they may have hung some covering.

Another thing was they left some ruts on the west side of the driveway.  It happened on the night of Amy's walk and it's a funny story too.  If you remember it poured down rain that night.  One of their vans got stuck in the mud and couldn't get out.  They actually had to call a tow truck to come and pull them out.  The tow-truck driver apparently found out that they were filming a Dead Files episode and he then told his wife.  She was a fan of the show and posted something about it on Twitter.  Needless to say, our producer wasn't too pleased as they still had the reveal to film.  The last thing they wanted was word getting they were there, so he contacted the tow-truck driver.  Within an hour, the Tweet had been deleted.

The house still felt heavy, like there had been some sort of fight or argument.  We could feel the conflict as well as some confusion.  There was silence for the longest time, no TV, radio, or music playing and a slight smell of cigarette smoke was in the air.  Finally, the crazy woman must had mustered up the strength and a scream came down the hallway.  It was as if she was running toward us.  Even though we had heard her scream at least a 100 times, this one sounded different.  It was angry, frantic, and lost.  It sounded like a scream similar to a child who's lost in a store.  As she appeared to run past the entrance to the open bedroom, a picture fell off the wall and slammed onto the floor.  It was like it had been taken off the wall and thrown down as if she was having a temper tantrum.

We decided it was time to leave since crazy woman was getting all wound up and active.  Her screaming made uneasy and just increased our anxiety about the upcoming reveal.

Not a lot of sleep that night in anticipation of meeting Amy and hearing what she had to say.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"You stole the show!"

This blog post will be different than the others.  It's about the fun the we had with the crew and Steve.  This entry will not be dark and scary like the others.  Our time with the Dead Files crew was not all serious, we had some fun too.  So, I hope you all enjoy this little detour in our story.  I felt it was important to share this because it was nice to laugh while all the chaos was happening around us.

Jennifer is pretty tall at just a little over 5'7" and with boots on she's close to 5'10".  She is also a typical Texas girl who doesn't always filter the things she says.  I mean that in a good way too, it's one the things I love about her.  Her interview with Steve took place in the open bedroom.  As she was standing next to Steve, it was obvious she was a good bit taller than him. Not saying that Steve is short but with Jennifer wearing cowboy boots it made her taller than what she normal would be.

They had just started their interview and the producers cut filming.  He asked Jennifer, "Hey Jennifer, would you mind taking off your boots?"  At first, she thought it was because of the sound the boots made while she walked on the floor.  Then, out of the blue, she jokingly said, "oh that's right, I can't be taller than the star."  The hush across the crew was priceless.  Jennifer took off her boots as Steve chuckled.

The next person on the interview list was Heidi.  Steve interviewed Heidi in her room.  Like I had always said, the crew was unbelievable respectful of our situation & our experiences.  They knew we had concerns with the back bedroom, which was Heidi's.  After talking to Heidi and discussing with each other, Heidi decided she was okay with doing the interview in her room.  As the interview started, Steve said, "So Chloe, I hear you've had a lot issues in the house."  Heidi responded, "Well I don't about her but I'm Heidi and I have had a lot."

Emi was getting ready for her interview and was a little nervous.  Steve was great with her, absolutely wonderful.  Emi warms up to people pretty quickly, but Steve did it faster than anyone I've seen.  During Emi's interview, Steve asked Emi if she had seen anything.  Emi said that one time she saw a very tall creepy guy standing in the corner of her room.  Steve asked her what did you do, did you say anything?  Without missing a beat Emi responded, "I looked at him and said, 'Well hello creepy guy'".  Steve smiled and tried not to laugh but the producers couldn't contain themselves. Rob Rosen was beside himself laughing, he went up to Emi and gave her a big hug.  He said to her, "That was the best!  You stole the show!"  What made the situation even more precious was that Emi didn't know what that meant.  She thought it was a bad thing and started to tear up.  Rob was great with her, he told her that was a good thing because it meant she was the star.  The smile on her face was ear to ear.  

Emi and Heidi with Rob Rosen, the show runner and executive producer. May 2016

Even with all the fun we had filming with Steve, the interviews opened horrible memories for us, especially the girls.  The interviews with Steve was the first time we allowed the girls back into the house.  We sent them away after the filming was done as we still didn't feel it was safe.  That night they both had difficult time sleeping and I think we ended up all sleep in the same bed at my mom's house. 

Next up was a day off for us as we could just relax a little.  But coming up was the reveal and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Lights, Cameras, Action

The main part of the show which involved us were the interviews with Steve DiSchiavi.  Steve is a great guy but a no-nonsense type of guy.  He's good at his job and is professional but is also really a fund guy.  I get a lot of questions about what he is like.  I can honestly say the man you see on your TV every week is the man he is in real life.

Filming our interviews wasn't tough, just a little nerve-racking.  There were no scripts, no rehearsals, and the only direction we were given was  to "just talk about what happened and answer Steve's question."  We were NEVER asked to say something that didn't happen or embellish anything.

It's tough to talk about the things that happened to us while the cameras were rolling.  It made us relieve all the negative and scary things.  That's not always a good thing because those were very powerful memories to talk about.

During the initial interview with Steve on our back deck, they cut filming and Steve and I were just talking.  I remember him saying to me that being a father and not being able to protect my family had to be tough.  I started to break down because my mind immediately shifted to a memory of Emi running terrified down the hall crying, saying she saw someone.  How do I protect my family from something that doesn't fight fair and holds all the advantages?  It's heartbreaking and as I said on the show, "I'm the first, last and only line of defense."  I felt I was failing my family.  I didn't know they started filming again so what you're seeing of me during that interview is a genuinely concerned father and husband who's at the end of rope and feeling helpless.

Steve and I moved into the kitchen and I told him the things that happened there.  The knife flying off the counter and cutting my arm (still have a nice scar from that too) and the video of the drawer.  I was reluctant to use the video because of the naysayers, but they convinced to do it.  The first time Steve saw the video was during the filming as it was decided earlier in the day to use it.  The video that you see on the show is NOT the entire video and I only started filming after things were happening.  You can see the entire video and read the entire story behind it in the blog entry The Storm Intensifies. 

The next part of the interview involved us going down into the basement.  I admit that I was scared to go back down there because of everything that happened to me there.  To me, the basement was the epicenter of evil and all our problems.  No one would be able to protect me if anything were to happen and it took awhile before I could muster up the courage to go down there.   I remember Steve say, "It's pretty obvious this space bothers you."  I didn't realize until we watched the show that my fear of the basement was written all over my face.

I still get a lot of question regarding my interview with Steve as well as reading comments on social media because most people thought Steve was too hard on me.  They ask if it upset or bothered me.  The answer I tell people is, "no, not in the least little bit."  As I said earlier, there were not scripts, it was us just talking and Steve doing what he does best.  I expected him to be hard on me and, frankly,  I respect him for being the way he was.  That's his job.  It's what he did while he was a homicide detective.  Get the truth out of someone, find out the real reasons for why something happened.  I was raised by a Chief Master Sargent who was career military.  My dad was a man I respected and was a whiskey drinking, cigar smoking bad ass who didn't put up with bullshit.  So dealing with Steve was a walk in the park compared to that.

No one in the family was allowed to watch each other’s interviews.  The producers didn't want anything that would tip the other person off as to what direction their interview would go or what questions would be asked.  

Jennifer and the girls were up next.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

When Rains It Pours!

After dropping the dogs off at my mother's house in town, we decided to reward all our efforts with a nice dinner out.  The rain was pounding, literally coming down in buckets.  I cannot remember the last time it rained so hard and for so long.   Weather alarms were going off left and right on our phones-Thunderstorm warning, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Warning, etc.  It seemed like we got every type of Spring Time weather warning that night

I took all the severe weather as a sign.  Someone or something was angry that Amy was about to do her walk.   As we ate our dinner the voices started.  It was like being in a room with a bunch of angry people and I was the subject of their angry.  I closed my eyes and took deep breathes in hopes of silencing them.  However, my tried and true method that had never failed me in the past couldn't silence the voices.

As I’m doing my best to enjoy my dinner with all the extra "guest" yelling at me, the crazy lady decided she would join in on the fun.  Out of nowhere she screamed.  It was as if she was right behind me.  It scared me so much that I nearly jumped out of my chair.  For some reason, I always thought that the crazy woman couldn't leave the house.   Jennifer looked at me with concern and asked what was wrong.

"She's here.  Didn't you hear her?" I said

"Who, the screaming woman?" Jennifer asked                                                

"Yep, she has friends too and they won't stop talking."  I said as I put my head in my hands.

I told her of the other voices the yelling, thee threats they were making.   One whispered in my ear, "I have killed before, I can kill again.  I pay it no mind.  Ask that Billy Yank(?) about me, he will tell I know who to kill. Ask him about Johnny!" 

The all took turns basing Amy. "Why is that bitch coming here? You better call off that dog or you will regret it."

Their threats then turned to us.  'We own all of you.  You all belong to us. She will not be able to make us leave, we won't leave.  Call her off.'


I was finally able to regain control and the voices began to fade.  I lifted my head up from my hands and as I looked past Jennifer.  There she was, it was the crazy woman standing at the entry way to the kitchen.  She was motionless even as the restaurant staff walked through her.  She stared at me with a look of contempt and angry.  The feeling was mutual.

She was wearing what looked like a white cotton night gown and her hair was a mess.  She was thin and frail; she looked as if she was had been through hell and back.  

I remember a loud crack of thunder which distracted me for a moment.  As I looked back at her, she pointed at me and then pointed in the direction of our house.  I felt as if she was demanding me to go home.  She slowly faded away.

I was sick to my stomach at what I had heard and seen.  It was surreal that the activity just attacked me all at once.  Voice I had never heard and for the first time seeing the crazy woman.  I didn't mention to Jennifer that I saw her because I didn't want her to worry about me as I was already feeling crazy enough.  It was all so exhausting, stressful, and left overwhelmed with anxiety.

The rain stopped, the skies started to clear, and the sun started to shine with what little it had left in the day.   We finished our meal and decided we would just drive by the house to see if the Dead Files crew had made it safely.  We drove by and saw the vans there.  Thankfully the house seemed fine with just a few tree branches down.   

As we drove back to my mothers, we heard on the radio that we had gotten the most rain for a day in May in over 50 years.  Seemed fitting for a night such as that.

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