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This has “Sarah” written on it several times like she was learning how to write her name.  She was the child orphan spirit we all saw usually with Lance or Maya.  

We first noticed her when toys began moving through the house on their own and the musical buttons being played on a Little Peoples toy airplane.  We had video of it at one time. After it happened Lance said “ It’s ok if you play with it.”  Then he put it back in the bedroom and a moment later she rolled it into the kitchen again.  It landed close to his ball cap on the floor .  When he reached down to pick up his hat, she rolled it real fast over his hat which scared him.  It was cute and playful.  

She was a very sweet girl and had a friend Margaret with her.  Emi saw her in the kitchen once.  We put out a ball and a babydoll in a lawn chair for them to play with at night. The next day both were in a different location.  It was by the same tree I saw her petting Maya at.  I could always tell when she was in the yard because Maya wouldn’t leave the tree.  She was about 7 years old and we told her she could stay if she wanted to.  

Lance could hear many spirits, but this little girl was special to us.  She called him Daddy.  We heard her laugh sometimes and she liked to play with Heidi’s hair.  She even left feathers on Lance’s pillow once in the shape of a heart when he was having a hard time.  I also know she played with the puppies.  I would find tiny bird feathers in their boxes when she was around.  It was very sad for us when we were forced to clear the house of spirits.  Sarah was very afraid and crying and Lance broke down knowing how afraid she was at having to leave.  We assured her that her Mommy and Daddy were waiting for her in Heaven.  

Still, it was a very sad day for both of us having to say goodbye.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Unsettling experiences from a loving wife & mother

 Walking on Pins and Needles

The findings of odd objects is a common occurrence in and around our home.  During times when activity is high I often find nails all over the walkways outside.  Lance is not really a builder of things, so dropping numerous nails in the dog area is not something He might do by accident.  He also knows how pissed I would be if he were to make this mistake, and he doesn’t like Angry Jennifer.  These are either really old antique looking nails, or shiny silver nails I don’t recognize.  I feel pretty certain they were dropped by a spirit who dropped by to cause harm just for fun.

Just recently, Lance steps on a sewing needle right out of bed and then finds a rustic old square nail in the horses water trough.

Master bedroom
I once found a large amount of sewing pins on the floor by our closet.  Moving a comforter to see if I had picked them all up, I found an even larger amount inside he folded comforter.  This comforter was being used as a dog bed and had no reason to have needles all in it.

Pranks of fear

When my daughter Londyn was around 12 she used to suffer from ghosty pranks in the bathtub.  The bathroom is a tiny one from 1969, with old wooden vanity drawers.  She would have the drawer open to hold her cellphone, and on occasion it would slam shut on her hand if she reach into it.  Needless to say it was not funny nor pleasant for her.  She always felt someone staring at her as she bathed which is never a good feeling.  We always had a clear shower curtain to help all of us feel safer while in the bath.  

Naked and Afraid

I remember clearly feeling a presence standing in my shower while I showered.  I recall these times clearly, as it was after we had scheduled Amy Allen to investigate our home.  It was very trying, with many angry and scared spirits showing themselves, trying to deter our decision to clear out the spirit world.  

When you have a spirit in your space there is no mistaking it.  I too never felt alone in the shower or bedroom.  I remember feeling vulnerable and pushing through my fears knowing there was nothing I could do.  It made intimate moments very difficult.  No one wants an audience during sex, especially when you’re already fighting to find private moments between your kids busting in the room or banging on your door when they need something.  

The time I told Lance about my feeling in the shower, I found him very distraught.  He then told me an angry back man stood in his face demanding he give him his wife  back and tell him where she was.  Then followed that threat by telling him that he had a nice looking wife and if he didn’t return his wife that he would take me.  There was no mistaking his anger and the fear he instilled in Lance.  If you watched the show, you heard Amy state that she saw a lot of people walking up and down our sidewalk just outside out home.  This man was just one of the many who wandered into our home, lost and confused as we were, as to why they were stuck-in our house, and not knowing how to find their way home.

No Calm Before The Storm

During the 8 years of struggling before Amy’s arrival at our home, we lived in the whirlwind of visiting spirits, some pleasant(beautiful women peeking in windows), some friendly(little Sarah, an orphan who followed Lance around and called him Daddy, and played with Heidi’s hair while she sat in bed), some relatives(my father and Lance’s),some played with toys and giggled(children), some cried tears of sadness, begging to go home(young teen boy), screams of horror(female victim of a violent ritual), some violently resentful(the jealous Etta Davis who wanted my man for herself, and the rest of us dead) and some with heavy boots stomping through our kitchen at all hours of the night.  There was rarely a day without some sort of unexpected guest/intruder.

Before the Dead Files arrival we had to clear the property of all animals but the horse.  We had 30 dogs.  So the day before they arrived, we piled all of our tiny herd of schnauzers and two big dogs in the truck, and headed off to Grandma’s house.  The storm that hit was dark and scary, just like the angry outlaw spirits who lived on our ranch.  Maya and Ashby can vouch that it was bad, because they had to ride in the truck bed and they were None too happy!!!  The spirit world’s fury was growing by the minute and the storm was raging.  

Being that we knew our property had issues with spirits, we went out to dinner to escape the stress of it all.  Your probably thinking Oh Yeah, that would give you a break.  You’d be wrong!  One night we decided to eat out in Kearney, at a little cafe called JJ’s.  The food was great and the people were friendly.  During our dinner, Lance looks down at his lap, and then shakes his head looking very angry.  I asked him what was wrong.  He couldn’t say in front of the kids.  I could see he was extremely upset.  Later he told me that he heard the voice of an angry outlaw demanding he stop Amy Allen from coming or we would be suffering some very painful consequences.  This was Cole Younger, a member of the famous Younger Gang, speaking loud and clear to Lance.  It was clear to us that a war was imminent. It probably didn’t help our case that we were native Texans living in The Hometown of The Outlaw Jesse James.  

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  This has “Sarah” written on it several times like she was learning how to write her name.  She was the child orphan spirit we all saw usua...

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