Saturday, November 2, 2019


Now that we know when our episode will air, we were free to talk openly about it.   However we were still somewhat hesitate to do so.  We were still somewhat gun shy about discussing our experiences openly for fear of being judged.  However, with the encouragement of people we trust, we decided we should be open about what happened and talk about it.   We went through so much hell.  We hide within the walls of house and didn't talk about what had happened.  In hindsight, that was a mistake, all it did was make the things tormenting stronger and us weaker.  It turned our situation into a living nightmare.   Our hope in sharing our story was that it would encourage others to come forward and get help if they were experiencing something similar.  No one should suffer in silence for as long as we had.

The other reason we were hesitate to talk about the show was the fact that we hadn't seen it yet.  We had no clue on how it turned out.  Would it make us look like fools?  Would it raise more questions than answers?  Would it be believable?  Would it tell our story accurately? Our whole 8 year ordeal was about to crammed into a 45 minutes television show. 

As promised by Painless Productions, our episode was going to be the season premiere for season 8.  That kind of gave us a mixed bag of emotions.  Our first thought was, it had to be at least a decent episode or they wouldn't set it as the premiere. All that did was raise our anxiety level a bit because now we felt some pressure in being in that situation.   Expectations are always high for a Dead Files season premiere and we hoped we would live up to that.

Anyway, the show was going to air and we needed to get ready.  Our whole lives where going to brought out into the open.   We knew that people would ask questions and some people may even try to come to the house.   I felt we needed to beef up our security so we installed cameras throughout the property.   We talked to the girls on how to answer questions regarding the show and our experiences. School was still in session and we knew they would become very popular (good or bad) very quickly. 

Friends mentioned we should have a watch party.  Even our favorite restaurant, Rancho Grande, suggested it and offered the use of their private dining room.  We briefly considered the watch party idea but after thinking about it, along we the fact that we would be watching the episode for the first time like everyone else, we decided against the idea.  It would have been just too much for us.

We started talking openly about our experiences and letting people know about the show.   We didn't go into any detail about the show, only the fact that when it would air.   As you can imagine, we got ton of questions and were really surprised about the support we got.   People also started sharing their experience with us.  All the support and the fact that people believed us helped more than we could have imagined.  For the first time we actually felt normal. 

As the air date got closer, Painless Productions encouraged us to share the social media posts which included clips of the show.   Even though we talked about Amy's walk, we hadn't seen any of it yet.  The clips were the first time we saw glimpses of the episode.

We decided to watch the show at home with a small group of people.  They all knew the hell we went through and they were by our sides during all of it.  Their help and encouragement never wavered despite the craziness of our story. 

May 6, 2017, showtime!   We were kind of in a daze the whole day.  Excited, nervous, anxious and every other emotion you could imagine.  8:00 PM finally rolled around and we were about to watch our episode for the first time. 

We were asked to do a live Q&A session with one of the Facebook Dead Files groups after the show. Since we had adopted the philosophy of sharing our story in order to help others, it seemed like the right thing to do.  I also knew there would be a lot of questions that would be coming our way, I thought I would be able to answer them all at once.  I must admit that was unprepared and overwhelmed by the response we got during the Q&A.  I honestly didn't think it would be a huge as it was.  Everyone in the group was absolutely amazing and over the years have been a tremendous source of support for us.

Anyway..more on that later.  Now back to our show.

The show turned out great!  We were so happy with how they told our story, it was amazing how the were able to that in such a short time frame.  The emotions we felt as we watched were all over the place.  It was like reliving 8 years in 45 minutes.   We all teared up as we watched the reveal.  It was so emotionally powerful when Jennifer broke down.  Even to this day, we still choke back tears when we see it.

We never told the girls about the reveal, so this was the first time they had seen it.  It was upsetting to them but we assured them that the evil which was once was here is gone. 

I remember hugging Jennifer after the show.  Holding her tightly and thinking to myself, our ordeal is finally over.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Waiting

After the Dead Files crew had packed up and left, we had things to do.  First and foremost was getting our house back and ridding ourselves of the things that had been terrorizing us for nearly 8 years.   This proved to be a daunting and challenge task however we got through it.  Our lives began to return to somewhat normal.

Our episode wasn't schedule to air until mid 2017.  We had no idea the exact date as that was up to The Travel Channel.  We were told we would have about a month's notice of the air date.   Having a year to get our lives back in order was a blessing because I think if the show would have aired a month after filming, there would have been no way we could have handled the attention.

That time before our episode aired was probably the most important part of our recovery.  It gave a moment to regroup, catch our breath, and heal.   What a lot people don't understand is that everything does not just get better after the reveal.  We were still tired and still suffering.  Our health vastly improved after the Reiki helped move crazy lady along, but she still left behind emotional damage.

We worked on protection techniques and supporting each other along the way.   Educating ourselves became something that was continuing and ongoing and we were finally moving forward. 

The girls were still suffering somewhat, especially Emi.   We started taking them to see a therapist, one that was open to hearing our story.   Sharing what happened with someone who believed them and did not judge was a real help for them.  As a matter of fact, it help all of us.

Our lives where finally starting to get back to normal but the scars remained.   I'd like to tell you that there is some magic potion that will give you life back, but there isn't.  It just takes time and the memories of what happened never really fades.  In a strange way we don't want them too.  We need to have them so it encourages us to continue our protection routines.   The fear of  having new  experiences was inspiration enough to never let our guard down.

With the exception of a few giggles from unseen children and a few things moving around, the house was calm.  Life was good and getting better.   Summer turned into Fall, Fall turned into Winter and the holidays were one of the best we had since we lived here.  Everyone was happy and healthy. 

We didn't talk about the show with anyone and things died down however that was about to change.  In late March of 2017, we got the call that our episode would be titled "Hell in the Heartland" and would air on May 6, 2017.   It would soon be publicly posted on the Travel Channel's website as well as promoted on The Dead Files social media pages.   As promised, our episode would be the season 8 premiere.

I knew some people in our town were still curious about the episode and when it would air.  Kearney is a small town and people talk.  It just takes one person to say something and it will spread like wildfire.   The curiosity about who had the haunted house was about to be revealed.

Our story was about to go public for the whole world to see.

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Now that we know when our episode will air, we were free to talk openly about it.   However we were still somewhat hesitate to do so.  We we...

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