Monday, September 21, 2020

Limited Time & Limited Space

 Although we get request throughout the year for people to come visit our ranch, the Fall is when we get the most request.  'Tis the season I guess.

After discussing it, we have decided to give it a try.  We feel we are in a good place with our abilities and know exactly how to protect ourselves.  Unlike the last team that came out, we are not desperate or looking for answers, so that anxiety is no longer a factor.  

We have decided to open it up to one paranormal team along with a limited number of chosen guest.  For now, it will be just one night but depending on the response we may open it to more nights.   

We will also discuss our experiences and answer questions throughout the night or may just have a special Q&A discussion session(s).  We would like to use this as an educational opportunity.

We'll have certain requirements and restrictions so if you are a paranormal team or would like to be a guest, please contact us at or the contact form on the blog page.   We'll be more than happy to discuss the event with you!


Lance & Jennifer

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